A proven framework that leaves nothing to chance.

At SalesWorks, everything we do comes back to the 4S Methodology.

The 4S Methodology is our systemised approach to creating the perfect sales environment. Developed over many years, it considers the four elements that combine to create a successful and efficient sales operation to ensure nothing is left to chance: Skills, Structure, Strategy, Systems.



Competency frameworks

Target setting

Team structure and alignment to field

Marketing alignment

Go to-market strategy

Conversion metrics and campaign effectiveness

Campaign approach / methodology

Optimising your CRM, marketing automation, calling technology

Lead to oppotunity workflow process

Performance dashboards

Aligning your efforts.

Understanding what it takes to create a successful and efficient sales operation is vital to your success and ours.

But it’s not just how these areas perform individually, it’s the alignment of these four elements that drives everything we do at SalesWorks.

From the high level of the 4S Methodology, we then use our unique Alignment Cycle to ensure we proceed at a more granular level.