Discover. Design. Develop. Deliver.

The Alignment Cycle is “how” we work to deliver the results we do.

Whilst the 4S Methodology provides an overview, identifying areas of growth and improvement as well as the overall health of your sales efforts, our alignment cycle is how we tackle issues and opportunities, capitalising on problems and driving everything forward. it considers the four elements that combine to create a successful and efficient sales operation to ensure nothing is left to chance: Skills, Structure, Strategy, Systems.

There are four parts to the cycle:

Discover the opportunities and challenges.

At the initial discovery and scoping phase, we spend time understanding you, your team and your business. With a clear understanding of your needs and your objectives we can then move to the next phase.

Design the right approach to achieve your goals.

With your needs and objectives established, we then set about creating an actionable and prioritised plan to deliver the desired end result.

Develop and execute the plan.

That plan is then executed and developed as it rolls out to ensure we stay on target.

Delivery of results.

The culmination of discovery, design and development is delivering the result and meeting the KPIs necessary or the project.