We help you to maximise your sales performance by addressing the four factors that dictate your success – Skills, Structure, Strategy and Systems.

At SalesWorks, we understand everything it takes to create a successful sales environment.

As Sales Development Strategists, we have developed a unique system that addresses every element necessary to succeed.

From addressing issues to creating opportunities and pursuing growth, we help you to maximise every element necessary to achieve your objectives through both our on-site and remote trainings.

SalesWorks is a sales development advisory providing strategy, structure and insight into the B2B software and software-enabled services space.

We focus on two key areas:

Inside Sales

Modernizing sales strategy through a remote, revenue-generating approach, focusing on high value, low volume deals, building out a capability to execute the high flow of opportunities across up-sell, cross-sell, “unloved” accounts and premium support services.

Sales Development

Optimizing demand generation through the alignment of sales and marketing, driving best practice on inbound qualification and outbound go-to-market campaigns, maximizing ROI on Marketing Qualified Leads and generating pipeline for the field sales organization.

What we do

Developing sales teams, strategy and performance.

Our work looks at the people within your business, their skills and areas of growth and performance. We then look at how your teams are structured and align your people and their skills to your objectives for the best fit. With that in place we then look at your go to market strategy, how you generate and handle leads as well as identifying vital conversion metrics. Finally we ensure you and your team have the necessary tech stack and systems to success, from CRM and call management software to sales engagement to drive operational efficiently.

From assisting with hiring and onboarding new staff to developing lead process workflows and creating management dashboards to monitor performance, everything we do is designed around you, your team and your objectives.


Finding and recruiting the right people

From identifying the skills and requirements to defining the role and finding the candidate, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you only recruit the most accomplished sales professionals with the best for possible for your objective and your culture.

Onboarding & Bootcamp style training

We create tailored “bootcamp” style training to ensure every person is aligned to the company objectives and message, as well as onboarding for new hires to ensure everything is clear and aligned from their first day on the job.

Skills mapping for sales development

Understanding your people will help you to understand how best to get the best from them and give the best to them. We’ll skillmap your teams to ensure the every person is playing to their strengths as well as identifying areas of growth and improvement.


Go to Market Strategy

Who is your target client, where, how and when do you need to reach them? Creating a defined and actionable Marketing plan ensure the the budget and time you invest in client acquisition is maximised.

Campaign approach / Methodology

To maximise every conversation and provide opportunities for upselling and cross selling, we define your campaign approach/methodology. This requires us to look at your offering and decide how it’s presented and where, depending on the client type and the situation. It’s this granular level of detail that allows you to maximise every interaction.

Conversion metrics

Understanding the key metric in the business, what influences them and how to record them will give you an accurate indication of the performance of the business and the effectiveness of any changes you make in your approach.



Do you have the right people in the right roles working to their strengths?

From hiring and onboarding to training and skills mapping, we address the skills you need in your team as well as those you have, identifying areas of growth and opportunity.


Do you have the right team structure and role types to maximise performance?

From target setting and establishing motivating KPIs, to aligning sales reps by specialism and addressing management structure, the structure of your sales team plays a vital role in your success.


Do you have the strategy you need to succeed?

From go to market strategy and conversion metrics to campaign management and workflow, we help you design a strategy that fits your people and your objectives.


Do you have the technical and internal systems to support your efforts?

From CRM and call management software to automation and reporting dashboards, we ensure you and your team have the necessary systems to succeed.

Weekly Call Coaching

Maximise every call.

Our 1-2-1 weekly call coaching is designed for sdrs and inside sales reps to understand their current strengths and identify areas of growth and improvement using real world scenarios.
From confidence and rapport building to commitment, objections and tonality, we cover everything necessary to maximise each call and use the latest AI and a team of experienced coaches to ensure nothing is missed.

Performance and Potential Analysis

Understanding performance. Identifying opportunity.

Understanding how your team performs and where to allocate your attention and resources is a top priority for any sales leader. Our benchmarking assessment provides a contextual understanding of your performance and identifies areas of growth and opportunity. This can then be translated into ideal hiring profiles and provide for future planning.
Everything we do to analyse your performance is backed by our proven 4S Methodology, ensuring everything is aligned towards achieving your sales objectives.

Integrated Management

Integrated Management to support your growth

With the average time to hire reps at 50+ days and potentially more to find sales leaders, it’s important that you can continue to operate and not be affected by any gaps in skills or leadership. integrated management is designed to support you and your team on a 1-2-1 basis as you transition and find yourself lacking the skills/people/talent required to keep everything on plan.
Everything we do is backed by our proven 4S Methodology, ensuring everything is aligned towards achieving your sales objectives.

Go to Market Strategy Creation.

Combining insight with action.

Your go to market strategy is a vital tool to ensure your team and your efforts are correctly allocated for maximum impact. We work with you to create an ideal customer profile and look at the total addressable market which then allows us to identify areas of execution and to establish the KPIs and targets necessary to deliver.
Your go to market strategy will provide the clear direction and plan you need, whilst ensuring nothing is missed thanks to our 4S Methodology.